How to order:
Unfortunately there are some rules you should know about before you can order coins from my lists.
Delivery after payment of the total amount in advance.
You can reserve coins for later shippment within a reasonable period.
Some coins are listed but not available directly in own warehouse. To obtain these coins will cost a couple of days.
Due to fluctuations in the bullion market it could be possible the list price is lower than the value of the metal (gold / silver).
In that case the price will be adjusted to a fair sale value. There is no obligation for selling below the metal value.
Postage costs:
For deliveries below 250,00 (excl. postage costs) you will be charged for the FULL Dutch postage costs.
For deliveries above 250,00 (excl. postage costs) you will be charged for half of the netto Dutch postage costs.
(2021: EUROPE max 2 kg = 12,55 - 14,30 / WORLD max 2 kg = 19,30, max insured for EURO 50,00. (max 380 x 265 x 32 mm). Postage cost of larger parcels on demand.
With special offers or other promotions, the full postage costs are always charged.
Coins will always be send by registered priority mail at your own risk, if you prefer to receive the coins by insured mail, the postage costs will be a little higher, but less risk for you!!! Beware the customs!!! Please notice that not all countries will accept insured mail (USA, Australia)
All prices in these lists are in (EURO's).
Payment by bankcheck (free of charge) in EURO's or cash US$'s by registerd mail.
Or e-pay in EURO's:
My Paypal ID is:
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In case of PAYPAL payment I have to charge you 5,4 % extra for fees.
"#" before the discription of the coin(set) means that the coin(set) is in original package/case,
please informe me when you do not want te receive the original package/case, because in many cases the postage costs will be lower for you.
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